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Due Diligence


Key points that we can review for you include:

Regulatory Compliance

  • Who actually owns the Marketing Authorisations? In each territory?
  • What Variations have been filed? Are the owners selling what you think you are buying?

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Are there appropriate suppliers of active ingredient and pharmaceutical product?
  • Where is packaging carried out?
  • Is there any sub-contracting?
  • Will you need to develop new suppliers?
  • How long will it take to change suppliers, if that is your strategy?

Supply contracts and Technical Agreements

  • Who is responsible for releasing the product to market?
  • Where are they? And are they willing to work with you?
  • More to the point, are you willing to work with them?
  • Are the supply arrangements properly protected?
  • What pricing agreements are there?
  • Are there Technical Agreements in place?
  • Can these agreements be transferred to you, or do you have to start negotiations again?