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Due Diligence

Compliance in the supply chain

Intellectual Property and Marketing can determine the potential value of an acquisition; only Manufacturing and Sales will realise that value for you.

All too often when a company licenses-in a compound or product, they find that there are problems in the supply chain:

  • The supplier is not compliant with the required standards of GMP.
  • The supplier cannot or will not supply the quantities required.
  • The manufacturing chain is not as described in the dossier.
  • The manufacturing process is not reproducible.
  • The analytical methods are not validated to current standards.
  • The inventory being purchased is not fit for purpose.

In many cases, these problems could have been avoided if the purchaser had carried out a proper technical due-diligence investigation.

Let us assess the supply chain of the product you are licensing-in. Let us help you to reduce the risk of failure post-purchase.

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